Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Drop the hammer!

Yesterday, the power went out in the building where I work. This set off a fire alarm, so all of us where evacuated to the parking lot in the 90F heat. After awhile, when it became apparent that the power would not return (which means no computers, no phones, no network and NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!), most of us were sent home. Strangely enough, I spent my drive to work that morning fantasizing about an afternoon off and all the things I could get done if I had one.

And so I did. I cleaned the swimming pool, I lazed around in the sun for awhile, I completed some rebate forms that had been sitting next to our new computer monitor for two weeks, and I got to do my workout without having to rush. I still did it fast, but that was for intensity instead of necessity for once. Very timely thing, that power outage. There are those that believe that human beings can alter the fabric of reality through prayer, vision, meditation, or whatever you want to call it. I think I'm going to spend some time envisioning a million dollars and see what happens.

This morning, I got back on the exercise bike. I really wanted to work hard this morning since I didn't get to ride for real over the weekend. I took some new data as well, including calories burned at several intermediate points and heart rate after the third interval and at the end of the workout. This puts me in the dangerous position of having several statistics that I'll want to top on the next workout (it's a guy thing, what can I say).

I really believe in the power of vision. When I was 14 years old, I bowled in the Missouri State Junior Bowling tournament, in the team division. My team was made up of guys like me that didn't excel in any of the traditional highschool sports, like football, baseball, soccer, etc. I wanted us to do well so that we could have some "athletic" accomplishment of our own. I probably obsessed about a top three finish in our division for the better part of a month. I actually prayed for it. I envisioned making good shots and hitting all my spares. Well, we all bowled way above our abilities and finished second in our division. The following year, I finished 12th in my age group in singles.

So, what does one think about while riding an exercise bike? How about this...



(You'll have to paste this into your browser's address field. Apparently blogger does not recognize it as an internet link. Also, I had to split this into two lines. Paste the first line and then the second one, with no spaces in between.)

This is Lance Armstrong in the opening stage time trial of this year's Tour de France. The riders start at one minute intervals and ride individually against the clock. This is Lance catching and passing Jan Ullrich, one of the best time trial riders in the world, who started a minute ahead of him!

Inspirational! (to me, anyway)


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