Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back on the road again

Well, I missed a most of a week of workouts while my most recent show was on stage. Then, a little over a week ago, my mother passed away. I've mentioned that she was in the late stages of Alzheimers in previous posts. I have another blog that concerns my mother's passing and what it means to me. You can see it here, if you're interested:

Well, for the next few days after that, my life was consumed with helping plan my mother's service and being with the family as much as possible. So it was another week with no workouts. I got on my bike this past Sunday and did 27 miles. I did a weight workout on my off day and then another weight workout yesterday. This morning, I returned to the stationary bike for the first time in two weeks. All in all, it wasn't too bad. I did the same workout I was doing two weeks ago and my legs were still sore from the weight workout on Monday. But I got through it.

The astonishing thing is that, after two weeks of almost no exercise (except running around on stage) and only minimal adherence the Body for Life eating plan, I've gained maybe two pounds at most and my body fat percentage tests exactly the same with the calipers as it did before all this started.

I'm doing the MS150 bike challenge in early September, so I need to keep my aerobic capacity up and my weight down. Cheryl and I are vacationing on the beach in Florida in about three weeks. So I really want to stay on top of the program between now and then (what can I say, I'm vain and want to look good on the beach).

It feels good to be back on the program. I'm trying not to cheat, but, mostly, I'm just going to keep pushing forward. I still have updates to do on the website, including the final pictures from the first challenge. I hope to have those soon.


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