Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Seek Inspiration in Daily Affairs

Well, first off, I obviously have not been keeping up with my blog entries. When I started this blog, I was making four to six entries a week, and now I'm down to one or less a month. Hmmm, what does that mean? Maybe nothing.

The title of today's entry comes from the song Heart Hotels by Dan Fogelberg. The whole verse goes something like...

Seek inspiration in daily affairs,
And your soul is in trouble and requires repairs,
And the voices you hear at top of the stairs,
Are only echoes of unanswered prayers.

For some reason, the first line is bouncing around in my head today. It wasn't until I started writing this that I thought about what it meant to me and why I was thinking about it. It means I need to keep looking for positive things in my daily life, no matter how many negatives come my way.

I started back into Body for Life back in November, after my play ended, but life got complicated and I've missed a lot of workouts. And I was sick between Christmas and New Years Day. But I took some time to think about what I needed to do and how to accomplish it, particularly in Body for Life, but in other areas as well.

For instance, I took some time off from writing my novel to write another short story in my Benjamin series (I've traditionally written them for Cheryl for Christmas). I cranked out thirty pages in a little over two weeks and I liked the way it turned out. Now, I need to get back to the novel. And I would like to finish it before the summer, when I might be in a tight rehearsal schedule. I also want to do the National Novel Writing Month, which is in November (the goal is to write 50,000 words starting on November 1 and ending on November 30), so I need to keep my schedule clear for that.

As for Body for Life, I've not been doing too great, but I've done okay considering the holidays and all the food that's been everywhere I go. Cheryl and I are going to Florida in March for my niece's wedding, so I want to look my best for that. I have the blueprint for reaching that goal, since I've done it before. I don't have a complete detailed plan for everything, but I have an outline. I'm starting today and getting on with it. Its a new year, a good time for starting new things, so here goes nothing!